What’s the process?

We partner with you to aim to preserve your family legacy for the next generation. We bring a fresh new perspective to legacy planning. New light through old windows..


Property Professional LinkedIn connections


Years combined wealth tax experience


Compliance with legislation

Our client model

The Ancient Greeks were radical thinkers and we’ve copied them, by rearranging traditional theories, based on empirical data and experiences

We have created a fresh new perspective based on tried and tested planning principles, working entirely within the law and HMRC rules, regulations and requirements

The goal is to see the familiar with new eyes, and engage with new ideas and combinations, using tried and tested strategies

The same as when Michelin star restaurants deconstruct traditional recipes and repurpose the ingredients in a way that excites all the senses, and provides clients with a new and refreshing dining experience. Everything that’s good about the original, now better

Simplicity on the other side of complexity

Solutions to complex legacy planning problems typically rely on multiple layers of insight, and therefore require multiple points of view

The more challenging the problem, the less any one person or perspective can hope to grasp it, much less solve it, so we craft solutions incorporating all the professions

So we bring together subject matter experts from across the professions to broaden and deepen the knowledge base of our group and, in particular, understanding of our clients

Different frames of reference viewed from different professional perspectives create more comprehensive, nuanced and dynamic client outcomes. Diverse teams become much more than the sum of the parts..

The prospects of bloodline wealth preservation

Leading with facts and honest analysis

We harnessed the creativity

concentrated in the chain of expert contacts our founder has built up over 30+ years, and the diversity of the networks they were each plugged into

Common to all of them is their history of working together and mutual trust

Successful collaboration

requires a particular mindset. All of our Legacy.partners are willing to share insights within our group. We believe a giving attitude is the glue in flourishing long-term client relationships

Each expert partner

trusts the other expert partners, taking their data and outputs as inputs for their own deliberations. It means they all get to trust each other and the system itself roots out average advisors and replaces them with better ones


We’ve created a team who are thoroughly dedicated and possess a vast array of skills, insight and imagination

A network of freely interacting minds

Legacy.partners provides skills across the tax, legal and accounting professions. We have:

Property experts

Tax and Trust experts

Qualified, FCA regulated, retirement experts


We have probate, digital and end-of-life experts, with more waiting to join us

Our business model deliberately encourages reinvention and growth in line with changes in tax rules and regulations and the Court’s interpretation of them

We have created a powerful and unique network..

Life rewards action takers

It all starts with a plan of action and requires the drive and energy to see it through

We need you to walk into your story, and keep your plants watered

You know how you want it to end. You can fast forward the movie to the end, you know what you want to happen, so let’s breathe life into the narrative

We’ll begin with the end in mind, then reverse engineer the plan to get you there

Our role is to tell you what you need to hear, rather than what you want to hear. The truth might hurt but likely it will avoid a future crisis

Please, do not feed the donkey

We don’t come up with a roadmap before you start working with us. You won’t get an A-Z list of every step we’re going to take

It’s not a cookie cutter system. We don’t work like that

We have a detailed process, but not every part of that applies to every one of our clients. In the real world, that’s not the way anything in life happens

All advisors were taught how to do the wiring; hell, most have at least one wall covered in exam certificates to prove it – but only a few know how to create electricity..


‘I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do’ Steve Jobs

There’s a Unicorn in our zoo

There will be alternative routes we have to take at times, so we will simply adjust to whatever is required to deliver for you the outcomes we agree at outset

Challenges are inevitable as the job is being done properly and within the law and HMRC requirements. We will find the way to overcome them, or tell you it’s impossible, and why

We don’t in any way mean we approach your legacy planning with no strategy in place, but we want you to understand that your journey will be different to everyone else’s, and there will be challenges along the way, which will be specific to you and your family

A show that needs stopping, a roof that needs raising..

Put another way, we may need to adapt our process to reach your goal, and that’s OK..

The Legacy.Partners working on your case meet:


Typically every week,

and will talk about you and what’s required to deliver your goals

Partners from across the professions will work and talk together, brainstorm together and plan positive outcomes, for your future..

Existing planning

Old planning may be paid for but it may be costing your family more than you think. On the other hand, a dead tree may be teeming with life

So, why not let us review it for you, and with you, for FREE

Collateral damage caused by bad, obsolete or uncomplete planning can be catastrophic

You’re everywhere and nowhere baby, that’s where you’re at’

– Jeff Beck

Legacy planning for our souls

Maybe you’ve a mistaken belief that you’ll somehow be exempt from the consequences to your family of your inaction

Humans are good at talking themselves into things they wish were true. With time, we all of us can convince ourselves that what we’re thinking is not just a belief, it’s a fact

Put your hands on your hips, now let your backbone slip, put out your tongue, put your hand in the air, make a V-sign, you just don’t care..

– Ashton, Gardner & Dyke

Existing advisors

Gone are the days when accountants were sometimes referred to as ‘bean counters’ but some of them are right scamps when it comes to admitting that, while they focus on all this good stuff for you:

Handling invoices

Speaking with auditors and assisting with reports

Managing budgets

Providing financial advice

Filing corporation tax returns

Filing VAT returns

Managing statutory accounts

Managing payroll

Detecting and preventing fraud

Manage junior colleagues

(Source: https://vennaccounts.com/what-is-a-chartered-accountant/)

I read the news today, oh boy, 4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire, and though the holes were rather small, they had to count them all, now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall’

– John Lennon

..accountants are not always at the cutting edge of legacy planning. Likely, they don’t tell you that because they can’t afford to risk losing you but that turns clients into victims of their lack of subject matter expertise

We get asked to comment on financial advisors reports where the entire model appears predicated on selling unitised investment funds, in a multiplicity of benign wrappers and planning outcomes, often in the guise of ‘IHT planning’

Maybe you should take a look at the small print in the last report you got from your financial advisor and, right at the end, it’ll likely state ‘we don’t provide tax or legal advice’.!

‘Well hold on a cotton pickin’ minute, Musky’, just how can you solve a tax based problem without providing comprehensive tax advice.?

Next Steps

Listen, really listen, to ‘Tap turns on the water’ (focus on the chorus) by CCS, HERE, then

'The time to hesitate is through, no time to wallow in the mire’
- The Doors

We’re not all in the same boat, we’re in the same storm. Some have yachts, some have canoes, some are drowning. One solution does not fit all

With HMRC it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean..

What our clients say

In almost twenty years of working for us they have acted with honesty and integrity as one of our trusted advisers. We are always treated as important and nothing is too much trouble

John Reilly, Managing Director

John Reilly (Civil Engineering) Ltd

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‘The smile of Garbo and the scent of roses,
The waiters whistling as the last bar closes,
The song that Crosby sings,
These foolish things, remind me of you..’
Eric Maschwitz