What's Legacy Planning?

It’s for you, as custodian of your family’s assets during your lifetime, and how best to pass them tax-efficiently to your children and loved ones when you die..


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You’re only dancing on this earth for a short while’

– Cat Stevens

What's your legacy plan?

Your legacy plan is your strategy to pass on your wealth, to your loved ones, in a tax-efficient way ensuring, when your life ends, your legacy lives on

It’s about helping you have a lasting impact for the benefit of the next generation of your family, after you’ve gone

It’s about deliberate actions that will compound, so that your efforts will make a difference 100 years from now

Do it right and it’ll positively impact your family, for generations to come..

We partner with you to preserve your family legacy

Your life on this earth will come to an end. That much is guaranteed. If you have wealth, there will be death duties. That’s guaranteed too. If you allow it

The problem exists, in plain sight, but the consequences will only reveal themselves after you’re gone

Likely, your family won’t truly know how much they have to be thankful to you for, until they have to pay tax on it

Only carefully crafted planning can go anywhere towards securing your legacy for your family. Measure twice, cut once..

Ann’s story

Ann held a mistaken belief that she’d somehow be exempt from the Inheritance Tax consequences to her family of taking no action to plan for her demise

Ann left a legacy of kindness and generosity, and to the tax authority she left 40% of her lifetime’s work

Ann has 3 children, we’ll call them O, M and G. She died. HMRC took 40% and O, M and G got 20% each. OMG!

‘I sat next to Ann Podmore on a school trip to Cleethorpes. She was left handed’  Ronnie Barker


Plan, be happy, get some normal

With legacy planning, we’re not all in the same boat, but we are in the same storm. Some have yachts, some canoes, others will drown. There is no magic pill

If family wealth preservation is an instinct you possess, then let’s talk. If you favour the tax authority, that’s cool, that’s your choice

Inheritance Tax is voluntary, we understand that. Some people seem to crave the unconditional approval of a government agency, we understand that too (but your children might want you to pump the brakes on that one.!)

Life is short and you never know when you’re going to run out of time. Most people leave it until they realise there’s less runway up ahead than there is behind..

Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.!

Next Steps

We all have a limited amount of time on this earth and it will come to an end, that much is guaranteed. If you’ve created most anything of real value, there will be death duties, that’s guaranteed too..

We’ve created a legacy planning team who are thoroughly dedicated and possess a vast range of skills, insight and imagination

We work with clients who really care about their family, and want to pass on tax-efficiently to their children, the legacy they have spent their lifetime creating

If that’s you, you’re in the right place..

What our clients say

In almost twenty years of working for us they have acted with honesty and integrity as one of our trusted advisers. We are always treated as important and nothing is too much trouble

John Reilly, Managing Director

John Reilly (Civil Engineering) Ltd

Clients we work with

Here’s what you need to do

One day you’ll wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you always planned to do, so start right NOW

‘Tap turns on the water
See the water flow
Acorn makes a forest
Watch the forest grow

Everything’s behind you
Everything’s become
Come and ride a river
Come and find the sun’ CCS

60 complimentary minutes that could save you 40% IHT – you do the maths!