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It’s the Swedish art of decluttering, then tidying up possessions..


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Here’s Your Introduction To ‘döstädning’

It’s about decluttering during your lifetime, and preparing the way, to make things as easy as possible for the loved ones you will one day leave behind

There’s no good time to do it but, when it’s done, you’ll likely feel liberated to get on with your best life, and with living it

You’ll be rid of the things that don’t matter, leaving you to focus on the things that do

Everything connects to everything else

– Leonardo da Vinci

Döstädning is the Swedish phenomenon where older folk, and their families, get their affairs in order, but it works for everybody and, you know what – its beyond sensible.!

It’s about how to deal with things you’ve bought, inherited or otherwise acquired, which you don’t use, and likely don’t know what to do with, and may never use. It’s just a practical and useful activity, however old you are, and at whatever stage of life you’re at

We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used to create them

– Albert Einstein

You’re dealing with the baggage of life rather than leaving it for your children to do. It’s not an exact science, it’s not rigid, and it’s a different process for everyone

It’s easy to be liked, much harder to be respected

Over 35 years of later-life planning, one recurring theme is that people want their family and loved ones to remember them as an organised person. Someone who was thoughtful and wise

Tax Efficient Will

New thoughts are bound to collide with old ideas

Things that were useful to you and to previous generations may not be useful, or valuable, to your children. Inheriting these sorts of things really can be a burden

Maybe it’s time to take a pace back, put yourself in the shoes of the recipient and think, ‘OK, so what am I gonna do with this?’

More pertinently, will your children place the functionality of your favourite commode ahead of the £1,500 it’s worth on eBay?

Like it or not, they’re probably gonna sell it in 18 months anyway!

Time is a stubbornly persistent illusion

– Albert Einstein

Deal with it as you will, but the fact is we’re all going to die, so we have to find a way to deal with the inevitable

There’s no ‘i’ in denial. No, there isn’t!

Three elephants

There are three elements to consider:


For all your ‘stuff’ the decision process is binary – is this item useful in my life? Will it (really) be useful to my children? Then go read, comprehend and act on
Inheritance Tax planning’ for everything of value


Your real life and your digital life, become more entwined every day, and it’s vital you have a plan for your Digital Estate when you die It’s spelt out for you in ‘Digital estate planning


Legacy planning is relevant to those who want to pass on to their children, and to their grandchildren, the assets they have worked for in their lifetime. We’ve got it covered in
Legacy Planning

Mental health and wellbeing

Freedom from a lifetime of stuff, and an uncluttered home, might even reduce stress. Maybe it’ll help with focus, and mental health too

The very principles of ‘essentialism’ are that by doing less you achieve more. Essentialists believe that the most important things in life are health, family and general wellbeing. They believe that anything not aimed at those goals, or embracing them, should be avoided at all costs

The very act of planning, organises you to meet the surprises of the future more nimbly

Knowing that your plans are solid allows you to be more carefree and spontaneous

There is a voice that doesn’t use words..

– Rumi

Going through a family member’s ‘stuff’ is heart-breaking, and you can save your loved-ones from that, by doing it for themInvolve your family in the process, or not, as you choose. Then go live your best life, whether it’s weeks, months or many years..

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