Dead Serious About Family Wealth Transfer

Your legacy, is your life’s work. It’s all the value you’ve created, or will create in your lifetime, and that’s what you want to pass, tax-efficiently, to your children and loved ones when you die, or maybe before..


100% compliance with legislation


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What is Inheritance Tax?


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Compliance with legislation

Why legacy plan?

..because 40% of your lifetime’s work will be confiscated by the taxman when you die, unless you plan ahead!

If, say, you have 3 children, there’s just 20% left for each of them. Is that really what you planned when you started out.?

Inheritance Tax in the UK is voluntary. It’s entirely legal to plan ahead so that your family doesn’t have to pay Inheritance Tax, and that’s what our team of Chartered Tax Advisors does for you

They’ll take you through the processes, overcome all the hurdles, and provide the right solution for you, and for future generations of your family

There are two types of people in this world: those that leave their family’s fortunes in the hands of the taxman, and those that take full responsibility, and take action

You should properly consider the legal ways to avoid having to pay up to 40% of your lifetime’s work to the tax authority when you die because, unless you take action, your children will keep just 60%! Does that feel right to you?

Imagine how you’ll feel when you turn it around, and your kids retain 100% of everything you spent your life creating. Just imagine the impact it’ll have, and the look on your kids’ faces, when you’ve gotten this done..

As we see it, you have three options:

First, you can hope your existing planner gets cleverer
Second, you can do absolutely nothing, stay where you are right now, and give 40% to HMRC

Or third, you can legacy plan with us and, entirely within the law, aim to keep 100% for family and loved ones

The time to take a proper look at this is right NOW

If you don’t take action, you’re not going to get the result you’re looking for, and if you decide to get this done then, we promise, you won’t be disappointed

What most people do in your situation is grab this opportunity with both hands. The good news is, there’s NO RISK to exploring, and it’s FREE TO START

You already know that what you’re doing now won’t work, so where’s the harm in a FREE HOUR with an expert?

Maybe you have questions. We’ve answered the most common ones HERE

What’s the process?

Trust. Plan. Deliver.

You tell us your best outcome and we’ll aim to deliver it, tax-efficiently. That’s the key to maintaining your legacy intact. It’s not about a comfy relationship with existing advisors, who can’t afford to lose you, which likely compromises advice. For effective legacy planning you need a faster horse!

For each of us, our time will expire, but our legacy doesn’t have to..

Traditional approach

Traditional firms train their team members to have identikit views, insights, and thinking patterns

That’s a real problem. No shortage of smart, well-paid, individuals with impressive knowledge, but they’ve all been taught to think in the same way, using the same model. Similar thinking, similar perspectives, similar blind spots, with the ‘house-view’ baked into client outcomes. An expensive version of ‘one size fits all’

A ‘house model’, or a commercial objective, hamstrings the ability to produce truly bespoke client strategies and outcomes

Standardisation forces people to do their jobs in the same way. That’s ok if the requirement is to produce accounts, or projections, or auditing, or sell investments, but it squashes the creativity required to deliver complex, bespoke outcomes, to a diverse client base

Standardised advice will always be flawed as it only utilises the available outcomes, not the client’s precise requirements

Unless you take into account the diversity of individual clients, the systems and guidelines, however well intentioned, may be restrictive or defective, or both

Procedures are followed, but the outcomes are incomplete, and consequences only reveal themselves over time

Traditional perspective is to ‘get in the mind of the client’ but what’s the point if the ‘solution’ is formulaic, and one size fits all.?

With complex problems like Legacy Planning, no one person or firm has all the relevant essential insights. Even the smartest individual has only some of the knowledge

We’ve taken all the good bits of that old model and redesigned and redefined it, here’s how..

Legacy.Partners approach

Legacy.Partners doesn’t have a house model. One size does not fits all. The deliverable and the action plan is different for everyone. We make it count

Radical thinking.? Definitely not, our collaborative model goes back to the time of the Ancient Greeks

Solutions to complex legacy planning problems rely on multiple layers of insight, which requires multiple expert points of view

Your planning needs cognitive diversity. You need different thoughts, insights and perspectives, from across the professions

Over time, we’ve gathered together a dedicated team of subject matter experts with a vast range of skills, insight and imagination

Successful collaboration requires a different mindset and attitude. Mutual trust inspires our partners across the professions to happily share ideas, insight, perspective, wisdom, responsibility and fees. Our network of freely interacting expert minds is the glue that makes us so effective

Our experts trust the other experts in our coterie, taking their data and outputs as inputs for their own deliberations. It means they all get to trust each other and the system itself roots out average, or tired, advisors and replaces them with better ones

Understanding the benefits and dynamics of diversity is one thing. Knowing how to make it work in the complex world of legacy planning is quite another. Collective intelligence is always evolving and it benefits our clients at outset, ongoing, and on through the generations

Properly constructed and regularly reviewed, diverse teams become a whole lot more than the sum of the parts. It’s the reason why our cutting edge team is, and will remain, at the very forefront of legacy planning

Our model allows partners to coach each other and you’ll have noticed that the better coached team is usually the winning team.!

‘I skate to where the puck is going, not where it is’ Wayne Gretzky, possibly the world’s greatest ice hockey player

How do we get started?

We really need to be in your shoes to understand the pain, difficulties and challenges behind how much you made the effort to be where you are now

We begin with the end in mind and have to fully understand things before we can truly make sense of them. That means your resources, goals, objectives and perspectives

It’s time to turn your lifetime’s work into a legacy for your family and loved ones for generations to come..

What our clients say

In almost twenty years of working for us they have acted with honesty and integrity as one of our trusted advisers. We are always treated as important and nothing is too much trouble

John Reilly, Managing Director

John Reilly (Civil Engineering) Ltd

Clients we work with

Next steps

Here’s What You Likely Will Do:

Jump back on Google, search ‘Legacy Planning’ or ‘Inheritance Tax Planning’, procrastinate, get busy, get side-tracked, do the square root of not much, and hope your existing advisor gets cleverer before you die..

Here’s what you must do:

Listen, really listen, to Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin HERE then..

Book a FREE legacy planning hour, directly with the piper, right NOW

The Will of one affects the lives of many