5 Best Legal Inheritance Tax Avoidance Structures, for Wealthy Families

Legal inheritance tax avoidance structures

Let’s get it out there right away – you don’t need loopholes, or schemes, or any form of dodgy tax planning You can achieve your goals, whatever they are, entirely within the law, and all HMRC rules and requirements. Off-grid tax planning is simply not necessary Inheritance Tax planning; doing the right thing Legacy.Partners has […]

Inheritance Tax Loopholes – The Legal Alternatives To Loopholes

Inheritance Tax Loopholes

Let’s start with good news – Inheritance Tax planning is entirely legal in the UK You do not need ‘loopholes’! Contrary to popular belief, Inheritance Tax is payable on the transfer of wealth, which typically happens upon death, but it can be during your lifetime too Armed with the knowledge that what triggers Inheritance Tax […]