Do You Pay Capital Gains Tax on Inherited Property & Can You Avoid It?

how to avoid capital gains tax on inherited property uk

The answer likely is ‘no’, but we’re guessing you want a little more than that. We’re also thinking you probably don’t want references to tedious Tax Acts, and Section Numbers that you won’t be arsed to look up anyway.. So, this blog is designed to be factual, but from 40,000 feet, rather than down in […]

What Happens When Someone Dies Without A Will?

What happens when you die without a will

Dying without a Will is both the easy option and, likely, the worst possible one.. Typically, the deceased couldn’t be arsed to have a valid Will drawn-up, or didn’t realise the issues and implications they imposed on those they leave behind All the information you need is listed below but, first, take a look some […]

Inheritance Tax and your Family Home

Family home inheritance tax

Talk to the average accountant in the street, and you’ll get a version of ‘there’s not much Inheritance Tax planning that can be done re your family home’. Well, ‘Au contraire, Blackadder’, you have options, and they’re all legal That said, if you’re married, or in a civil partnership, and your home is worth £1m, […]

Psychological Aspects of Legacy Planning

Psychology of Legacy Planning

OK, this article would be better headed, ‘In your 30 years’ experience of dealing with wealthy, often entitled people, what are the most common Legacy Planning hurdles you have to overcome?’ Sadly, that snappy title doesn’t get rated for SEO purposes, and we have to play their game.! The author is not a trained Psychologist. […]

What Happens To Your Digital Estate When You Die?

Preserve your bloodline well being and wealth

Your digital estate is the footprint you’re leaving on line, and it’s growing every day.. Most of those things are not tangible, but they’re all valuable, in different ways. From irreplaceable family photos, to songs and movies, to personal and business communications via online accounts, and likely with several different providers You probably manage your […]

Bloodline Planning – 9 Stages Of Inheritance Tax Planning For Your Bloodline

Bloodline Planning Strategies

Let’s start with a homage to the bleeding obvious – what follows is little more than a saunter through some of the issues and considerations relevant to Inheritance Tax planning, at the various stages of a life journey We’re taking a lighter approach to serious subject matter, in the hope you just might stick with […]

What Is A Trust, And How Can It Protect Your Family Wealth?

What is a trust?

Likely, you’re really searching for answers to the bigger questions ‘how can I save Inheritance Tax?’ and ‘’can Trusts help with that?’ Well, ‘easily’ and ‘maybe, but there may be better solutions’, are the quick answers Let’s start with Trusts and work our way through to the ‘better solutions’ What is a Trust? In its […]

10 Of The Worst Inheritance Tax Planning Mistakes

Worst Inheritance Tax Planning Mistakes

1: Inaction The worst Inheritance Tax planning mistake of all is to do nothing, and it’s by far the most common! Genuine reasons for not planning are few, excuses for not planning are abundant Apathy typically manifests itself in 3 phases: ‘I am, I will, and why I didn’t’ If that’s you, then change your […]