Do You Pay Capital Gains Tax on Inherited Property & Can You Avoid It?

how to avoid capital gains tax on inherited property uk

The answer likely is ‘no’, but we’re guessing you want a little more than that. We’re also thinking you probably don’t want references to tedious Tax Acts, and Section Numbers that you won’t be arsed to look up anyway.. So, this blog is designed to be factual, but from 40,000 feet, rather than down in […]

How To Write A Tax Efficient Will

Tax Efficient Will

Let’s start by observing that, in England and Wales, anyone can write a Will. You need to take proper, professional advice, if you have an estate of sufficient value that somebody, somewhere, might want to fight over, or challenge, when you’re gone While English law doesn’t require any formal qualification to write a Will (how […]

Bloodline Planning – 9 Stages Of Inheritance Tax Planning For Your Bloodline

Bloodline Planning Strategies

Let’s start with a homage to the bleeding obvious – what follows is little more than a saunter through some of the issues and considerations relevant to Inheritance Tax planning, at the various stages of a life journey We’re taking a lighter approach to serious subject matter, in the hope you just might stick with […]

5 Best Legal Inheritance Tax Avoidance Structures, for Wealthy Families

Legal inheritance tax avoidance structures

Let’s get it out there right away – you don’t need loopholes, or schemes, or any form of dodgy tax planning You can achieve your goals, whatever they are, entirely within the law, and all HMRC rules and requirements. Off-grid tax planning is simply not necessary Inheritance Tax planning; doing the right thing Legacy.Partners has […]

What Is A Trust, And How Can It Protect Your Family Wealth?

What is a trust?

Likely, you’re really searching for answers to the bigger questions ‘how can I save Inheritance Tax?’ and ‘’can Trusts help with that?’ Well, ‘easily’ and ‘maybe, but there may be better solutions’, are the quick answers Let’s start with Trusts and work our way through to the ‘better solutions’ What is a Trust? In its […]

10 Of The Worst Inheritance Tax Planning Mistakes

Worst Inheritance Tax Planning Mistakes

1: Inaction The worst Inheritance Tax planning mistake of all is to do nothing, and it’s by far the most common! Genuine reasons for not planning are few, excuses for not planning are abundant Apathy typically manifests itself in 3 phases: ‘I am, I will, and why I didn’t’ If that’s you, then change your […]

How To Legally Avoid Having To Pay Inheritance Tax

How to avoid inheritance tax

What is Inheritance Tax? Inheritance Tax is levied on the estate of a deceased person. It’s a 40% tax paid by the executors, for the beneficiaries, who receive assets and properties, from the deceased’s estate. Inheritance Tax is calculated based on the estate’s value, and not all estates are subject to Inheritance Tax. Exemptions and […]